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Peter Vuust Quartet

“With ten tours and six CDs to its credit, Peter Vuust Quartet is one of the most well established names on the Danish jazz scene. The quartet plays the music of Vuust and Lars Jansson. The compositions are melodic, where Nordic roots are heard side-by-side with American-inspired jazz”


Leaves of Love

Peter Vuust (b), Veronica Mortensen (voc), Lars Jansson (p), Paul Svanberg (dr), Peter Asplund (trt.)

Imogena Records 2017



September Song

Peter Vuust (b), Veronica Mortensen (voc), Lars Jansson (p), Ove Ingemarsson (sax), Paul Svanberg (dr)

Imogena Records 2013



Image of falling

Peter Vuust (b), Veronica Mortensen (voc), Lars Jansson (p), Alex Riel (dr), Ove Ingemarsson (sax)

Imogena Records 2005

Image of Falling - Peter Vuust Quartet or buy cd here_



Homesick ( 2003)

Peter Vuust (b), Lars Jansson (p), Alex Riel (dr), Ove Ingemarsson(sax)

Imogena Records 2003

_Homesick - Peter Vuust Quartet or buy cd here



The Big View

Peter Vuust (b), Lars Jansson (p), Alex Riel (dr), Christian Vuust (sax), Paolo Vinaccia (perc.)

Storyville Records 1998

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Travel Light

Peter Vuust (b), Carsten Dahl (p), Alex Riel (dr), ChristianVuust (sax)

Olufsen Records 1995




Blue in Green


Peter Vuust (b), Nikolaj Hess (p), Claus Gade (dr), Christian Vuust (sax)

Olufsen Records 1992