Aarhus Jazz Festival 2017


Very soon Aarhus will once again be filled with jazz for an entire week, when Aarhus Jazz Festival 2017 takes place from Saturday July 15th to Saturday July 22th. For more information see www.jazzfest.dk


Peter Vuust will be playing various concerts in Aarhus at Tir Na Nog, Aros and a lot of other places.

New book by Peter Vuust: “Musik på hjernen” (Danish)

Musik på hjernen forside

The new book “Musik på hjernen” (Danish only) by Peter Vuust is released April 6, 2017.

Results from Masseeksperimentet 2016 are out (Danish)

I Masseeksperimentet 2016 undersøgte 20.000 elever, hvordan musik påvirker hjernen.

New paper published in Scientific Reports

“Oxytocin improves synchronisation in leader-follower interaction”

MasseEksperiment 2016 (danish)

Danske forskere vil undersøge skole- og gymnasieelevers musikalske færdigheder i et nyt, stort landsdækkende eksperiment. Undersøgelsen skal for første gang give svar på, om musiktræning forbedrer dele af vores hukommelse.

New paper published in Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience

“Comparing the Performance of Popular MEG/EEG Artifact Correction Methods in an Evoked-Response Study”

Reviews from Aarhus Jazz Festival 2016 (Danish)

Peter Vuust played with a variety of different constellations at this year’s Aarhus Jazz Festival and got great reviews. Have a look at them at the links below (Danish only):

Hess/Vuust/Vuust Trio @ Feinschmecker Café: Musikalsk eskapisme og baggårdsjazz “Hess/Vuust/Vuust Trio [er] to timers flugt fra hverdagen i en hyggelig boble af velspillet jazzmusik og

Peter Vuust on national Danish TV

Yesterday (June 7th 2016) Peter Vuust appeared on the Danish television show Aftenshowet to talk about the curious case of earworms. During the interview he explained what happens in the brain, when we have an earworm, and made suggestions to how to get rid of them. Chewing gum is one of the solutions… Follow the

Calls for four phd-fellowships at Center for Music in the Brain

Applications are invited for PhD positions to join Center for Music in the Brain (MIB) investigating neurobiological foundations of music at Aarhus University (AU)

New paper published in Clinical Neurophysiology

Comprehensive auditory discrimination profiles recorded with a fast parametric musical multi-feature mismatch negativity paradigm Clinical Neurophysiology 2016 Peter Vuust, Lari Liikala, Risto Näätänen, Pauli Brattico, Elvira Brattico

Read the paper here .


Mismatch negativity (MMN), a component of the auditory event-related potential (ERP) in response to auditory-expectancy violation, is sensitive to