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White paper: Music Interventions in Health Care published

Throughout the past decade, solid biomedical and psychological evidence is beginning to emerge, demonstrating the beneficial effects of music for a variety of somatic and psychiatric disorders, and for improving general well-being in healthy individuals. In this white paper, we describe the brain mechanisms through which music exerts these effects, and review the evidence concerning music applications for a range of somatic and psychiatric disorders and for improving well-being in healthy individuals. read more …

Aarhus University’s 85th anniversary celebrated live in concert

In cooperation with the Danish guitarist, Per Christian Frost, Peter Vuust set up the commemoration of the founding of the university 85 years ago. A memorable evening at Musikhuset Aarhus staring Annisette, Fallulah, Steffen Brandt, Cæcilie Norby, Per Vers and Veronica Mortensen among others.