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Official opening of Center for Music in the Brain

Most people know that music affects the brain. But scientists have yet only limited knowledge about what is going on in the brain, when we listen to music.

The Danish National Research Foundation’s Center for Music In the Brain (MIB) is an interdisciplinary research center at Aarhus University and the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus/Aalborg, Denmark aiming to address the dual questions of how music is processed in the brain and how this can inform our understanding of fundamental principles behind brain functioning in general. Headed by prof. Peter Vuust, who last year recieved funding for the center – up to DKK 52 mio – from The Danish National Research Foundation, it is a result of a unique collaboration between Aarhus University and The Royal Academy of Music Aarhus. Research on brains of musicians and non-musicians alike will lead to a better understanding of the how the brain transforms when we learn something new – a knowledge which can be relevant in various areas such as rehabilitation, treatment of pain and research in autism and ADHD.


The opening event will take place Friday June 5th 2015 in Lille Sal, Musikhuset Aarhus. It will include talks by Liselotte Højgaard, Brian Bech Nielsen, Claus Olesen, Eckart Altenmüller and Peter Vuust, as well as music performed by Peter Vuust, Lars Jansson and Paul Svanberg, followed by a reception in the Chamber Music Hall.


For more information about the event and the center, please visit:

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